Robust Reward

RBW can only be created by the RBT smart contract. Every time a RBT transaction occurs, 1% of the total amount of the transaction will deducted, burned, and converted into RBW.
Example: Transaction value: 1 000 RBT Total burn: 10 RBT Transaction Reward: 10 RBW The recipient will receive 990 RBT and 10 RBW. The total supply of RBT will be reduced by 10 RBT.
RBW Recipient
Please note that only the recipient of a RBT traction will receive the created RBW. When buying RBT from Pancakeswap, you are the de facto recipient of the transaction. As such, you will receive the appropriate amount of RBW after the 1% transaction fee is deducted and burned.
However, when selling your RBT on Pancakeswap, the RBT liquidity pool smart contract is the recipient of the transaction. Consequently, you will not receive any RBW after the 1% transaction fee is deducted and burned.
RBW Utility
RBW will represent the holder’s share in the Robust Protocol ecosystem. It will be used for the governance of the ecosystem and confer voting rights to the holder. RBW will also be the primary token for bootstrapping all future projects under the Robust Protocol ecosystem.
If or when the total supply of RBT goes below a threshold which will be determined by the community, RBW holders can vote to unlock all or a portion of 15-day time-locked 50 000 RBT from the Robust Token Reserve. Any amount of RBT that is unlocked, will be distributed to all RBW holders proportionally. The more RBW you own, the more RBT you stand to receive from such a distribution.